At Pack 962 we do a lot of day outings and events! We attempt to have at least one outing a month that involves the whole pack getting together and having fun.

Typically there are two kinds of activities we offer for scouts and families. There are activities we do every year that are integral to the scouting program, and then there are other activities we offer that change each year.

Our annual events include the Water Bottle Rocket Derbies, Oktoberfest, the Pinewood Derby, the Blue and Gold Banquet, the Rain Gutter Regatta, Hiking Program, and the final awards ceremony in June.

Some special activities we've done in the past include museum visits, trips to the national Aquarium and Zoo, snow tubing, and more! Click here to see what's on the list for this year!

The calendar below lists the dates of our events. For times and locations of the events log on to Scoutbook or email us.