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If you are new, some money will be collected for National BSA through the online portal, as well as a $25 "New Scout" fee that pays for getting you set up in the system. This money goes directly to the council and not the pack. New members usually owe an additional fee for the pack program that isn't included in the online registration amount. This is prorated by the month, until the end of the calendar year.

After your initial registration and payment, the Pack collects yearly dues in September for our rechartering that can be paid directly to us in person by check or online.

Health Forms

All scouts, registered leaders, and adult-partners should have a current health form on file with the pack. Health forms must be completed and updated yearly.

Please fill out and return the following health form: BSA health forms part A & B with a copy of your insurance card. This form doesn't require a doctor's signature.

Summer Camps will require a medical form filled out by a doctor and a permission slip. For more information on summer camps, click here or contact your den leader.

You'll find links to various important forms at the bottom of the page.

Our Pack has a uniform closet to help save on costs. Email the Committee Chair with the size shirt you need to see if it's available.

Uniforms are an important method in Scouting. They give the Scouts a clear way to identify other Scouts, a place to put all of their awards and advancements, and they give young people a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Due to the high cost of the uniform, if you are thinking of purchasing everything new, we suggest you by a shirt that is larger than you need. Scouts wear the same blue shirt for grades K-3, before switching to the Boy Scout tan shirt in 4th grade.

Click Here to see the uniform requirements for each rank.

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