Do I have to live in Lovettsville?

No! If you can make it to the meetings, you can be in our Pack! We serve Lovettsville, Waterford, Lucketts, Brunswick, Jefferson, and surrounding areas.

I can make the Pack meetings and events, but the Den meetings are kind of out of my way because I don't live in Lovettsville.

You can still join the Pack! I would suggest you look around for another couple of children, perhaps your child's friends, and start a den in your area! As the Den leader you can set the meeting time and location, and there are helps if all of the children in your den aren't the same age. Part of rural living is flexibility, and we embrace that. Though even if you don't have other kids, you still have the option of being your child's leader.

We have another activity/sport. What happens if we have to miss meetings?

Attendance is not mandatory, and Scouts can be flexible. As a year round program, Scouting can take a back seat during the sports season. Leaders will work with you to help you make up requirements you may have missed.

I have a sibling that may need to come to meetings. Is that allowed?

Yes. Scouting is a family program. Siblings are welcome to attend meetings and events. Talk to your den leader about purchasing extra supplies if your sibling wants to participate, or enroll them in the den for their age!

What is Youth Protection Training, and why do I need to take it?

Youth Protection Training is how the BSA protects children. All registered leaders in the BSA are YPT trained. The Pack would like all of the parents in the Pack to take it as well. When we all know what to look for, and what behaviors provide opportunities for bad people to exploit children, everyone is safer. We take this training and its guidelines very seriously here in Pack 962. Here is the link for the training: Youth Protection Training

Dues+ National Registration + a uniform seems like a lot of money, and my child might be able to earn a scholarship if I put them in sports.

Scouting is a year round program. The costs of joining, the one time sign up fee, and the uniform (that most of it will last your child's entire Cub Scout career) comes out to be about $20/month the first year. it goes way down after that. And your child could earn a scholarship playing sports, but there is lots of competition out there. Did you know that Eagle Scout is worth about $18,000 to your child's college bottom line? And that Eagle Scout can go on their resume for the rest of their lives? Best of all, every child can earn Eagle Scout. Talent doesn't come into play, and they don't have to beat someone else to get it. There is also no reason your child can't be in sports and Scouts.

Pack 962 is dedicated to making sure every child that wants to be in Scouting can be. Financial and uniform assistance is available. Just contact us.

My child is older than Kindergarten or First Grade, can we still join?

Yes! Children can join scouting at any age, and at any time during the year. Cub Scouts serves children K-5th grade, Scouts BSA (Troops) serve youth 6th-12thgrade, and Venturers and Explorers serve youth 14-21 year old. See our Scouting Links page for details

I'm nervous about the camping. I have never done that.

Good news! in Cub Scouts we go car camping, at least until Webelos. You drive to the campground, and unload your stuff out of your car. We camp in places that have flush toilets, and running water. You don't need a lot of specialty equipment, a Walmart tent will be totally fine. If you don't have a tent, we can find one for you to borrow. If you want to sleep on an air mattress or a cot? Great! Carrying everything you need for a week in the woods doesn't happen until Scouts BSA Troops.

We had family difficulties during the year and my Scout didn't earn their rank. Do we have to drop out?

No! Scouts are not required to earn their rank every year to continue in the program. And if you are struggling to make meetings or having difficulties, the Pack wants to help! Earning the Rank is certainly a high point, but it isn't a requirement. Scouts have until the end of the school year to earn it, so even if they fell behind and missed the Rank Advancement of their den, they can catch up and leaders would be happy to help in any way they can.

What about Religion? My family is ___________ how is that handled in the Pack?

Pack 962 is a community Pack. We are not chartered by a religious organization, and welcome all families. Because of our diversity in thought, all of the requirements that deal with religion are taught by the parents at home. The BSA has many religious emblems that are able to be earned by the Scouts for their faith if they choose. We do sometimes offer non-denominational graces at meetings.

My child has special needs. How does the Pack handle that?

Scouting welcomes children with all types of special needs. If you are interested in joining the Pack, and want to know how your child can be accommodated, please get in touch with us directly so we can understand what we can do to help!

Back in my day, there weren't girls in Cub Scouts.

Actually, women in Cub Scouts have a long and illustrious history. Instead of the current den leaders, there were den mothers. And girls have been going to Cub Scout meetings ever since a brother had to take his sister with him. We are simply now embracing them as full members of the Pack, instead of as tag-a-longs. Girls have their own dens and now earn awards too. Cub Scouting has always been a family program, and now everyone can wear the uniform!

I have more questions. How do I contact the Pack?

Drop me an email, pack962committeechair@gmail.com, or give me a call at 540-822-0645. I'm happy to help!