"The only way to know if Cub Scouts is for you is to experience it"

-Callie Fulmer

Pack 962

Pack 962 serves boys and girls, K-5, in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Many of our scouts come from the Brunswick, Lovettsville, and the Waterford community. Because of the amazing program we offer for our scouts, we have a large pack, so chances are you already know at least one person who's a part of our pack.

We are a registered Family Pack which means we want to get the whole family involved! Parents, Guardians, Cousins, Friends, Extended Family, and anyone else you want to bring are all welcome!

Take a moment to cruise around our site, snag some information, and email our Committee Chair when you're ready and we'll get you all set up easy-peasy.

What do Cub Scouts do?

We hike, we camp, we build cars, we get off our devices and get out into the world! First, We are "fun with a purpose." Adventures, advancement, service projects, exploring the outdoors, leadership, self-resiliency; everything we do is about helping children become capable and dynamic young people.

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What grade is your child in, or going into?

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade+ Summer Camp

Still on the Fence?

Cub Scouting is a unique family program that grows with children while helping children grow. It helps children learn valuable life skills and important social skills in a safe and nurturing environment. By getting children into the outdoors, nurturing them to become self-reliant, and providing them with a safe space to explore their community and themselves, they blossom into youths ready to become leaders in their communities.

Unlike most youth activities, where parents sit on the sidelines, Cub Scouting is an activity you do with your child. Parents are leaders, are on the committee, come on campouts, and more! Device-free quality family time is always hard to come by in our modern era. In our pack, the emphasis is on devices-down and head's up.

Have a look around our site, come visit a meeting, and/or send us an email. The only way to know if Cub Scouting is right for you is to experience it!

Give us a call/text at 540-822-0645, or send us an email at join@pack962.org